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Mobile Web Design and Development

Mobile Web Design and Development 

in the first you sould know the Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way we access information.  Mobile technology displays information relevant to the individuals physical location. This creates a whole new world of interaction possibilities. It is estimated that by 2010 half of the world will have access to the internet via a mobile device. This will make the mobile web a more essential part of our daily lives. will build your mobile compliant website so people all over the world can learn about your products and services from their mobile phone. Unlike desktop computers, mobile devices cannot handle complicated designs or large images. Mobile compliant sites must follow strict coding parameters to look correct on a mobile device.

1-Step One

If you have not already done so, register the .mobi version of your particular domain name. ( Need help with domain registration? No problem! We'll do this for you for free! ) .mobi domains are intended for websites that will be viewed on cell phones and other mobile devices. Most .mobi sites are short abstracts of your current website. When someone visits your website via a mobile device, they are redirected to the .mobi version. Access to your information is now quick and easy  
And starting at just $99 / page, we will get your .mobi web presence up and online so you can take  advantage of the  mobile medium  tank you to for you